NEET Receives a Dating Sim Game Leveling System Chapter 115

NEET Receives a Dating Sim Game Leveling System Chapter 115


The yellow robed person held his sword perpendicular to Jian Chen's. In an instant, the two charged to exchange several blows before retreating.

The Old Great Emperor cried out in shock. The combat skill used by Jiang Chen was extremely terrifying, as each step came with a massive force that went beyond his imagination. The first step was already enough to equal his King Weapon, and when he took the second step, even his King Weapon could no longer fight against it.

Jiang Zhen Hai and Yan Hong Tai shouted out loud again.

Jiang Chen was surprised by another good news as well; in the past three days, Big Yellow had broken through to the Mid Divine Core realm. Together with Jiang Chen, this group of men could sweep across the entire Inferno Hell without much resistance.

"Brother Jiang, please help us!"

Bi Yuntian could only stand right in front of her door with her eyes looking straight at the familiar, handsome face of Jian Chen. Her entire body began to shake with emotions as tears began to flow out from her eyes like a spring.

Jian Chen rubbed at his reddening hand. After two confrontations, he now fully understood how foolish it was to engage with Tie Ta straight on. Tie Ta's strength wasn't just used for intimidation, his body was actually inconceivably strong.. Even someone a level stronger than Tie Ta could not be his equal. The only thing that could lead to victory against Tie Ta was if one relied on speed.

A couple of minutes later, he completed forming the pills.With a low shout, Jiang Chen sent some of his Yuan power into the furnace, using his hands to grabonto the restoration pills that were flying out from the furnace.

"Respectful and honored Imperial Protector, please come and take a seat within our halls. Allow the Xiao family to play host to the best of our abilities." The head of the Xiao family respectfully but nervously spoke

Jian Chen attempted to dodge, but was unfortunately slower than the Golden Fur Tiger King. Because of his wounds from earlier, he was not able to completely evade the tiger's attack.

After opening one of the boxes, he could see that the materials used to construct this cannon were quite different. With an astonished cry, he spoke with shock, "This is an Advanced Tier Magical Crystal Cannon! Good heavens, this type of cannon can fire up to twenty kilometers away and kill an Earth Saint Master! Am I going blind? This type of Magical Crystal Cannon is something multiple countries would fight over and would spend a lot of money to buy one for themselves."

The rapidly-changing color caused Lin Bai and Gaethyr to suck in a breath of cold air. They could not help but cry out, "What precise control! Even Class 7 Radiant Saint Masters don't have such great control!"

Also, the Silver Striped Golden Snake was different compared to any other snake. Not only was it long it was also relatively thin. It could be said that a few Silver Striped Golden Snakes that reached the Class 5 Magical Beast rank would reach up to a hundred meters long, but their widths would not even be thirty centimeters wide.

"To dare refuse to hear me, you are courting death!" The man bellowed before a ripple of Saint Force formed in his hand. A bright red colored blade appeared in the man's hands, causing the temperature to skyrocket whenever it was swung.

One of the inner circle disciples from the Green Sanctuary Sect shouted towards Jiang Chen. However, when they saw that the man and dog didn't bother with them and kept walking, angry expressions emerged on their faces.

This piece of information was like a clap of thunder to the hearts of every mercenary there. The cities around the Misty Forest were all Second and Third Class cities where a Class 5 Magical Beast was already far too strong of an entity. A Class 6 Magical Beast was an entity they could only look up to. A beast like that could destroy a Second Class city with ease.

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