I want to reborn Chapter 2593

I want to reborn Chapter 2593

"Ah, what a great shame then." Hudolf said disappointedly. He then looked at Jian Chen once more and spoke again, "For a mercenary group to have a person like you, then that must mean that mercenary group is quite strong."

Mao Sheng said.

Tian Yishan said after taking a deep breath. It wasn't difficult to imagine how strong Big Yellow had become after breaking through to the Divine Core realm.

Although the violet and azure swords together were capable of splitting the heavens and earth. However, since the swords were Yin and Yang, they naturally fought against each other like water to fire, making it difficult for them to harmonize. If in the process of mixing the two and there was an imbalance of Yin or Yang, there would be chaos that would devour all. Not only would they harm the enemy, but the owner as well.

Sitting by his bed after massage his legs, he waited for his leg to be returned to their original state before sitting cross-legged on the bed again. Once more he began to absorb the spiritual Qi from the world and absorb it into his body.

Bai Mo Ran walked on over to Jian Chen and patted his shoulder with a laugh, "You really have guts to not have given Ka Di Yun face. If he tries to bully you in the future, then all you need to do is just look for me."


"Yes, headmaster. Bai En understands what to do now." Bai En didn't dare to act against the headmaster. Besides, what the headmaster had said made plenty of sense.

All of the students around the arena were whispering to each other in excitement. Jian Chen and Ming Dong could only stand in the middle of the ocean of people and wait to see the spectacle. Jian Chen and Ming Dong were both extremely conspicuous with their white robes because every student here was wearing the academy uniform. Some of the students had even looked at them in amazement, but no one asked about them.

As soon as the prime minister spoke, another aggressive sounding voice could be heard from behind. At this voice, the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom experts turned around with an incredibly furious expression. A single white-robed youth around the age of 28 came walking forward. The previous words were clearly spoken by him.Chapter 460: You and What Army?

TL Note: Purple clouds were said to be something Laozi could ride upon. An important cultural thing I can't really explain.

"I heard some of what that girl said. There's a strong giant serpent that's going to evolve into a Flood Dragon in the Serpent River."

Han Yan asked.

Jiang Chen was covered by a fire barrier, while Big Yellow just walked next to him like it was nothing. The duo began slowly walking forward. Since the poisonous miasma here was too strong, there were no demons or devils anywhere nearby.

Damn it!

Nangong Yunzheng shouted out from the opposite side. All the men from his group wore bright smiles on their faces. They had basically won the third match, as there was no warrior from the Nangong family who could defeat Wu Ningzhu.

"Ai, how lazy. How do they think they could increase their strength? On the road of cultivation, while talent is very important, hard work is just as important as talent. Even if a man has the talent, if he does not work hard to cultivate, then his achievements will be no better than a man with no talent but is hardworking." Jian Chen thought to himself.

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