The Predator Chapter 1255

The Predator Chapter 1255

Dugu Feng himself wielded a giant sword that seemed to dance with flames right by his side. Despite their strengths, there were far too many stones for them to fend off. With the waves of explosion that happened every so often, a finger-sized stone finally broke through their defensive net. With a whistling sound, it shot straight for Bi Yuntian before ultimately leaving behind a small cut that allowed blood to show.


Jiang Chen explained. As the once greatest Saint underneath the heavens, he knew better than anyone else how to save a man.

When the two men were still praising their luck in their minds, two screams came from their backs. The two other men from the Lee family had been stabbed by many swords. The men from the Yan family didn't care so much about killing the two men because these men were trying to kill them a few minutes ago. If it wasn't for Jiang Chen, the men from the Yan family would be dead by now.

"So I'm guessing we're in one of the Profound Region's provinces? Which province is this?"

Changyang Hu couldn't find any words to describe the feeling in his heart. At Jian Chen's words, Changyang Hu had flung away any thoughts about wanting to die and his hope to live had burst with a new fire. "Fourth brother, don't worry. Your eldest brother will definitely wait for you. Your eldest brother will definitely continue to live."

The dark expression on Jian Chen's face was nowhere to be seen since his arrival. Smiling in reply, he said, "When you visit a temple, you visit with a reason. Here I am today with the hope that the city lord will be able to help me with something."

"Normally when I come across some prey like the wild animals, they wouldn't be able to harm me no matter how much they bite." Tie Ta looked rather pleased at that.

"I'm guessing it'll be senior disciple Wang Yuan. He is already a step into the Combat Soul realm, and he's worthy of being called the number one outer circle genius. Furthermore, he has been preparing for this competition, and is determined to get first place."

Observing him clearly, everyone was slightly surprised. Their vigilant expressions immediately disappeared, replaced by expressions of joy and excitement.

"Everyone, look! The sky has suddenly turned into a spectrum of color!"

"After passing the Minor Three Tribulations, I obtained an unprecedented transformation. I now have a total of 7,000 Dragon Marks in my body, and my cultivation has stabilized at the Early Combat Soul realm. However, in order to break through to the Mid Combat Soul realm, I'll need at least 10,000 Dragon Marks. That's a 3,000 Dragon Mark gap. It looks like I need to work harder. Luckily, my foundation is incredibly strong now, so I can just cultivate as fast as I can without having to worry about any negative side effects."

The unluckiest one was probably the novice disciple who had fainted. He was awakened because of the beating from the others, then he fainted once again because of the beating.

He didn't have much time to think. Jiang Chen's attack had come closer to him, and he had to react with a counter attack.

Another old man said in a cold manner. The white-bearded man was his best friend, and witnessing his best friend die by having his head sliced in half by Jiang Chen, it made his hatred towards Jiang Chen grow exponentially.

Hurriedly, Jian Chen replied back, "How could that be, your words should be coming from me; I truly do wish that seniors do not take offense."

The Chaotic Force coalesced in Jian Chen's palm also dispersed very quickly, turning back into strands of Chaotic Force and returning to the chaotic neidan. Shortly afterwards, the barrier that surrounded the bandit boss also disappeared without a sound.

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