The Villain¡¯s Bodyguard Chapter 2239

The Villain¡¯s Bodyguard Chapter 2239

Jian Chen wasn't too surprised, he could already guess that they were no longer within Mercenary City. What he didn't expect was to hear that they were currently in an isolated space.

Guan Yiyun as well was laughing out loudly with his mouth wide open. This dog was too funny, he could actually kill someone with this kind of torture.

Jiang Chen indifferently said.

Today, the heads of every powerful faction had gathered together in order to discuss the matter of the white tiger. While they were each Earth Saint Masters and could most likely fight a Class 6 Magical Beast, they did not want to pay a heavy price for it. Each one knew that fighting one wouldn't be too hard, but defeating it was not the main problem at hand.

"I agree, just take a look at his lofty face! He was lucky enough to increase his cultivation a stage higher, and with that, he wants to take first place in the outer circle competition? Who does he think he is? Does he really think he's invincible just because he defeated Luo Song? What a fool!"

Looking at the situation, Jiang Chen shook his head. Two Early Mortal Core warriors, they were just looking to die.

This was because the man at first did not take Jian Chen's actions seriously. To him, Jian Chen was no more than a 20 year old man who would possibly only have the strength of a Saint at the most. Even if he was a genius, then he would be no higher than a Primary Great Saint so as far as he was concerned, a person like this was no match for his troops. After this exchange of blows, the man was shocked at this new discovery. Even though he hadn't placed too low of an importance on Jian Chen, this strength of his was far beyond his expectations. With this strength, the man estimated that Jian Chen was no weaker than he was.

"Yes, headmaster!"

Those who saw what happened were instantly shocked. They started looking around, trying to find out who did that, but no one was able to find the man who had just saved them. A person who could kill a Late Divine Core demon with just a single slap must be a mighty warrior.


Big Yellow bared his teeth at Jiang Chen. However, at the same time, a look of excitement flickered within his eyes. He could clearly feel that Jiang Chen's Earth Jail was much more powerful than the Barbarian Earth Bull's Earth Jail.

"Old dog!"

"Yes, third prince!" The guard spoke before retreating outside.

Not only was Jiang Chen not scared, he was actually excited, because he could feel some pressure coming this Old Emperor. The Old Emperor was a peak First Grade Combat King, not someone the Imperial Emperor could compare with. The reason why Jiang Chen's Dragon Transformation skill had yet to successfully evolve for the second time was because he hadn't received enough pressure. Today, with the help of the Old Emperor's pressure, the Dragon Transformation skill would definitely arouse his potential, causing him to grow even stronger.

Jiang Chen glared at Nangong Yunzheng disdainfully. The Heavenly Saint Sword was his! And now, it had returned to its rightful master! No one; not even the father of the Heavens could even think about taking it away from him!

"Ugh, let me vomit!Miss Mu Rong can stun the sky and make ghosts cry because of her ugly looks.I heard the eldest young master of the Mayor is a handsome and talented youth££Will he still be alive after marrying that girl?"

Master Blissful handed the Nine Soul Restoration Pills to the man in black.

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