God and Devil World Chapter 687

God and Devil World Chapter 687

However, these three could easily achieve the strength of nine countries through synchronization. Otherwise, they wouldn't be able to defeat a martial warrior with the strength of six countries even with their current strength of five countries.

"The first stage of the blood master trial by fire is called the Endless World of Blood!

"It's a foregone conclusion that people will try to cause problems for meĦ­." he thought. Massaging his temples, he contemplated the fact that if his cultivation base were high enough, he wouldn't need to worry about such things.

Using the powers of the mask to ensure that only Bai Hao could hear him, he said, "Hao'er, this isn't Master's fault, is it? You saw everything! They were completely out of line!"

Everyone was clamoring in shock, and although many people had predicted that this would happen, it was still a shocking event. That was especially true considering the previous three months, in which one stone stele after another fell into the hands of the little turtle. When people thought about that, they simply couldn't stay calm.


"Void Devouring Grand Magic!!"

Furthermore, Situ Clan's greatest humilation was when Qing Clan had forcefully snatched Shi Qingzhuang. What they wanted was the process!


ROAR! More of the stimulated battle beasts began to walk forward, their eyes crimson, salivating as they eyed Bai Xiaochun.

The now-dead clone had been tasked with the same mission. And if things had gone according to plan, matters would have proceeded smoothly until the Mortal Renegade awoke. But then Bai Xiaochun returned, cut down the imposter Vile-Emperor, and forced the Mortal Renegade to advance his plans.

He felt like going all the way now that he had made his decision to walk this bloody path. It would not be considered a shame to die by the blade of a sword. Their death would be tantamount to a mighty general who fought to the death in a battlefield. ?

"Marriage is a big issue, and not child's play. How could we reject them just like that? There must be a reason right for it!" Shi Dingtian stared and replied.

"I have to surpass him," he thought. "A true man knows when to stand tall and when to submit. I can't let myself fall too far behind during this half year. The only reason I'm doing this is for cultivation purposes, and that's all!" After convincing himself in this fashion, Song Que clenched his jaw and rose to his feet, face grimmer than ever as he walked over to Bai Xiaochun's side.

He stood in place for a long moment. Moments ago, he had calmed himself down, only to have that calm shattered by Gongsun Wan'er's words. And yet, there was no going back now. Steeling himself, he entered the imperial palace.

Qing Shui headed up with the waitress after everything was decided. Even he would not be able to spend over 20,000 gold taels a day. Although he had quite a lot of silver notes and other jewels, he would not be able to handle spending money like this.


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