Stellar transformation Chapter 1622

Stellar transformation Chapter 1622

"I'll be heading out for a few days but I will be back soon!" Qing Shui told Huoyun Liu-Li before he left.

Two Raging Flame Cloud Leopards had emerged on the mountain summit in the distance!

Very quickly, his face turned extremely pale. The excruciating pain made Qing Shui feel dizzy.

Wenren Wu-shuang had broken through to become a Grade Two Martial Saint. Shi Qingzhuang had risen from Grade Three to Grade Six Martial King. This speed was already considered pretty fast, but Qing Shui felt that her increase in strength was still insufficient.

From a distance, it almost looked like the little turtle himself had grown larger, to a height of 30 meters. In truth, it was something like a huge magical boat that now began to speed along through the Eternal River, carrying Bai Xiaochun, the Saint-Emperor, and the Eternal Turtle with it!

"Golden design...." Although he initially wasn't certain what that golden design was, it sent his mind spinning, and within moments, he had reached a conclusion.

Two months went by in a flash.

"Big Brother, what about the matters pertaining the Tu Clan?"

The old man clasped hands and bowed deeply. "Yes, your majesty!"

It was an eternal memory for Bai Hao.

After he landed, and before he could even rest, two beams of light shot out from Green Crest Peak and Violet Cauldron Peak and headed in his direction. Soon, he could make out the figure of an old man in one of the beams of light. He looked like a sharp, unsheathed sword, and emanated the unique pressure of a Foundation Establishment cultivator.

Rumbling sounds filled heaven and earth as the soulship shot along, leaving afterimages behind as the clan chief used the divine sense seal given by the patriarch to track down his quarry.

"Everyone, welcome! I'll perform a sword dance to raise the atmosphere!"

Sword Demon Huang Qing. She was Sword Tower's Guardian and even Southern City's Furniture Store was hers. Thinking of the things he had experienced together with her, he now felt very happy.

Everyone could see what was happening, and soon, the crowd quieted down. Many of the people from the auxiliary bloodlines looked over, curious about what exactly would happen between the two brothers.

Although it was already spring and very warm, it was still quite chilly at night. However, this slight chill was nothing to Qing Shui and Yiye Jiange. The cool breeze blew Yiye Jiange's sleeves. Her clothing was whiter than snow, and she looked like an immortal. Yet, at the same time, she also looked so weak and delicate.

After the breakthrough of the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal to the seventh grade, the Nine-Petal Lotus' level had also increased, and it now affected a radius of 200 meters. The speed of growth had also been increased by 10% - now speeding up the growth of water creatures by 30%.

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