Life With A System Chapter 2431

Life With A System Chapter 2431

After hearing Changyang Xiang Tian's name, the teacher in charge of inspecting the monster cores went blank as he gave a closer look. Apparently, Changyang Xiang Tian was a name even the teacher was familiar with, however, that didn't mean that Jian Chen had the proper authority to be able to command him to bring a new table. The teacher's mouth dropped open one more time in disbelief before preparing himself to speak again, but at that moment, Bai En from the academy board called out, "Someone bring out a bigger table immediately!" There was a smile on his face instead one of discontent, instead, he was looking at Jian Chen with anticipation as if he had already guessed the reason why Jian Chen had wanted a bigger table.

"Just keep it."

"Don't worry, he is the one who should be afraid. No one will be able to remain calm if the price keeps going up."

Wu Jiu said.

"Initially, I didn't even have the slightest interest in ruling you all, but since you've come to my doorstop, I won't go easy on you guys. Now, I'll give you a chance to survive; submit to my brother, Big Yellow! From now on, you'll have to do everything he says and obey all his commands! If not, don't even think about leaving alive."

Jiang Chen casually gazed at these people and discovered that the strongest was a Fifth Grade Combat King. They weren't disciples of the Heavenly Sect, but instead came for the Heavenly Tower's mission. They would travel to the Devil Realm together and hunt for devils; earning some devil souls.

"That bastard Si Qiafu! To dare poison us, I won't forgive him!"

Shangguan Yihong explained.

"What a surprise to see that Jian Chen would have such powerful support. Even the two of us wouldn't be enough, let us go report to the patriarch." Wang Yanhong whispered.

"Just watch, it won't be long before the Jiang family will disappear completely from Fragrant Sky city.When that happens, the pill shop will be ours, and the Mu Rong family will be the ones in charge!"

When they heard about the disciple of the Black Sect, all of them turned their gaze towards Zhang Quan. They didn't care about Redsun Town, and even less about a peak Mortal Core old man. But, they couldn't ignore the Black Sect.

"Isolated families? Does that mean every Saint Ruler has come from a clan or family that hide itself away?" Jian Chen asked curiously.

Continuing to laugh, Qin Xiao had a crooked smile on his face, "Brother Jian Chen, you seem quite uncomfortable, could I have struck the truth head on?"

"Six Profound Solar Fingers!"

On the other said, with the Heavenly Saint Sword, Jiang Chen had cut a wound on the Second Grade Combat King's neck, causing blood to burst out from the wound.

"Are you serious, has Jian Chen really broken through to a Saint Ruler?" An Imperial Protector opened his mouth to ask. His expression was solemn, and he clearly cared about this very much.

Yu Tian Long shook his head.

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