Versatile: Alternate World Chapter 1842

Versatile: Alternate World Chapter 1842

Because of the terrifying nature of Bai Xiaochun's turtle mark, countless people were terrified, and resolved to never, ever provoke him.

His hands were like two vortexes, and he, a black hole. As for the lizard, it shivered and opened its eyes wide. It was even possible to hear it wheezing a bit.

But this time, he could see clearly, and it led him to the realization that nobody in all of the Wildlands could possibly stand on equal footing as his Master. Not even the other three secretive and elusive earthly necromancers could hold a candle to him!

The brocade house was colored pink and looked really beautiful. People could tell that a woman lived in it with just one glance. As soon as Qing Shui entered the house, he found himself in a small living room. Taking into account its small size, this shouldn't be the place where Hai Dongqing greeted her guests.

"Happiness affects the heart, Anger affects the liver, Worry affects the lungs, Anxiety affects the mind, and Fear affects the kidneys." The 5 emotions had an intimate relationship with the functions of the human body. Spirit too, was of paramount importance. The stronger the spirit, the stronger mental strength one would have. Remaining calm in the face of danger, handling affairs in a state of tranquility. These attributes would only appear in humans with strong spirits!

In that instant, Qingshui felt a gush of the pure and boundless strength of Heaven and Earth flowing into his Baihui acupoint, rendering his body numb. It was as if countless information was being transmitted to his head, causing him to have a splitting headache. The Baihui acupoint was a governing meridian in the human body, as well as the Danzhong acupoint of the ren meridian. They were two of the most mysterious and widest acupoint channels in the human body. Not only that, but these 2 acupoints were so critical, that they were referred to as "Death Acupoints"

It turns out that this Art of Pursuing is actually a type of "heavy loading Qi Force", which is also an assistive skill. It can be blended in with any skills, especially when attacking an opponent. This kind of Qi Force can be inflicted into the opponent's body, causing them to gain extra an load and decreasing their speed!

On the afternoon of the third day, Bai Xiaochun opened his eyes, and tears flowed out.

"Outer Sect disciples are official disciples of the Spirit Stream Sect, so naturally they get much better compensation than the servants. This residence really isn't bad at all. Although, I remember Eldest Brother saying that Inner Sect disciples get to live in immortal's caves... I wonder what those are like." Bai Xiaochun looked up toward the top of Fragrant Cloud Peak.

"How tough is the Poison Dragon Pearl?" Qing Shui asked after thinking for a while.

However, what surprised Qing Shui the most was that the Stonegold Rabbit King actually evolved when it ate the fiftieth Beast Pill. Or rather, it underwent Blood Awakening. It's just that the process didn't look as stunning as when it happened to the Diamond Gigantic Elephant. But the formidable aura that was given out still made Qing Shui and the others feel mind-boggled.?

The patriarchs of the Blood Stream Sect were trembling. The blood rippers, prime elders, and the three blood masters were all shaking, strange and indescribable emotions rising up in them as they looked at Bai Xiaochun.

Qing Shui tried his best to soften his tone, lacing it with warmth and gentleness. However, Shi Qingzhuang's brows were creased, as she remained silent, and continued gazing at Qing Shui, causing Qing Shui to fear that she was somehow out of it.

"Ah, whatever. Henceforth, you are the Arch-Emperor Dynasty's God of Beasts!"

There was so much lightning that it seemed to have no end, like the most ultimate of heavenly tribulations! As this Daogate opened, Daoist Heavenspan seemed to become the monarch of all lightning and thunder!

Qing Shui summoned the Diamond Demonic Boar immediately, planning to feed it the Beast Pills as soon as possible to make sure its strength increased by the time they set off for Flowerfruit Mountain. This could also be considered as him raising his strength. If the Diamond Demonic Boar were to be regarded as unrivalled, then it would mean he too would be regarded as unrivalled amongst others.?

"My surname is Xiaoˇ­." the spirit automaton replied in a low voice, looking completely crushed.

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