Monolith World Chapter 2923

Monolith World Chapter 2923

"Of course!"

"Heng! Changyang Xian Tian, you actually are a slightly skilled," Ka Di Yun said in a low voice, while angrily gritting his teeth.

"Damn it, you're a really crazy fellow! But your father likes exciting adventures, kaka."

Duan Li was shocked as well. He had prepared to strike if Li Wu Ling was close to defeating Jiang Chen. After all, if he let a disciple of the Heavenly Sword Sect kill the number one genius from the Qi Province competition in the Black Sect's territory, that would be a huge blow in the Black Sect's face.

Jian Chen's face hardened as he questioned, "Did you manage to find out just who it was that took the cub away?"

Wu Jiu shook his head. He was determined to break through to the Combat King realm and start mastering the dimensional laws. He did understand one thing, the Combat King realm was a supreme realm, and it was really difficult to reach it. It was not something one could rush.

"Stop right there!"

Daoist Black asked.

Zhou Bei Zhen replied with a big smile on his face.

Flickering away from sight, Jian Chen instantly appeared by the youth's side. Grabbing onto the clothes of the youth, he brought him into the air before throwing him back down to the ground.

"Senior Changyang Xiang Tian, please have mercy, please have mercy on us. We won't dare to to do this ever again."

Striding into the crowd, Jian Chen revealed a cold smile on his face, "Yan Kaizer, you still remember me it seems. I didn't expect that. You are correct, I am the Wu Yun you threw off the cliff two years ago."

The negotiations between the two kings were simple and only several words of conversation were spoke before the king of the Persian Kingdom stated his wish to be an ally to the Gesun Kingdom with an honest expression. In spite of such a blunt request, the king of the Gesun Kingdom managed to evade giving a direct answer. The Gesun Kingdom had already managed to scale the giant tree that was the Qinhuang Kingdom, granting them a status that rose with the tide. Their rising era was only around the corner, so the ordinary kingdoms no longer held any weight in the eyes of the Gesun Kingdom's king.

Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders, on his face was the same confident expression that would never change.

This type of formation had plenty of people as well as having magical beasts that neither caravans or mercenaries could afford to have.

"Buddy, you really know me well! The master dog is the mightiest being in this world, of course I don't need these tiny things!"

Suddenly, a soldier came running in at a panicked pace. Kneeling on the ground, he spoke, "A report for your Majesty. One of ours spies has just sent us some extremely confidential information."

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