A trial at writing Chapter 1252

A trial at writing Chapter 1252

Because the tuition costs were very low, even the commoners were able enroll with ease. Some of the students that successfully enrolled came from impoverished families, but Kargath Academy had even waived the fee for many. For that reason, many students were of a commoner's background, and had a poor innate skill for cultivation.

"Who would have thought that Jian Chen would seize the first place spot? I've heard he only has a strength around the First or Second Cycle Earth Saint Master level. For him to beat Zhar, a Sixth Cycle Earth Saint Master with a Radiant Saint Force, it's almost inconceivable." A middle aged man with a refined look and a well educated manner spoke. With a single look, the man could be taken to be a scholar.

Shi Xiangran's Seal of Treasure Mountain encompassed two hundred meters in circumference which towered over everyone there. In his rage induced stupor, he had failed to notice that he had offended everyone there.

"Hmph! Li Wu Shuang, there is always someone stronger! Put away that arrogant face, don't make people hate you."

Jiang Chen said.

Startled, the one-armed man held the bottle high into the air and stared dangerously at Jian Chen. "Jian Chen, this synthesis of mine has only one antidote! Do you really want your entire Flame Mercenaries to die from deadly poison?!"

At that moment, Tie Ta saw the two newcomers to the village. With a slight tremble of his body, he tossed the boar he was carrying to the ground and charged toward Jian Chen, "Who are you two? Strange, why is it that I feel as if you're familiar to me, have we met somewhere before?" There was an icy tone to Tie Ta's words. However, when he gave a closer look to Jian Chen, there was a suspicious glint in his eyes that soon turned to bewilderment.

"Yes, that'll do. If need be, we can also have the other Imperial Protectors come spearhead this." Qin Wutian spoke.

Right at this moment, in the outer circle area, a man came out from his secluded cultivation. He was wearing blue clothes, and he looked handsome. It was the Little Devil King, Han Yan. He had taken quite some time in his secluded cultivation, and he had finally gained control of the awakened ancient divine devil's bloodline and broken through to the Heavenly Core realm. The energy unintentionally unleashed from his body was really frightening.Chapter 150 - Rampage

Jiang Chen finally knew who this guy was.

"Of course, the Heavenly Sect is a sect with a Minor Saint, the Asura Palace has no way of comparing itself to it. They have countless genius disciples at the Combat King realm, and Combat Emperors aren't rare for them either. This training session doesn't include Combat Emperors, so it can only be considered an ordinary training session."

"Sister, all I can do now is pray for your luck."

"Damn it, let's bite and kill them all!"

"All of you better shut your fucking mouths! None of the Thirteen Tycoons are good men, and neither are you!"

Hearing those words, looks of excitement immediately emerged on the faces of the Combat Soul warriors.

Jian Chen didn't say another word and flicked the Space Belt around uncle Liu's waist into his hand and threw the body to the Xia clansmen.

"A single slip may cause everlasting sorrow. Looking back, your whole life has passed by."

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