A Slackers guide to Immortality Chapter 2287

A Slackers guide to Immortality Chapter 2287

Jiang Chen's expression turned cold. He then turned into a trail of light as he shot toward Nangong Yunzheng. In the blink of an eye, Jiang Chen arrived in front of Nangong Yunzheng, and the Heavenly Saint Sword's cold tip was placed against Nangong Yunzheng's throat. The razor sharp sword had slightly cut his skin, causing blood to start flowing on the surface of the sword.

"Wentian, if I was you, I'd just admit defeat right away and let your father give up the family chief position. With that, you can still keep your life. Let me tell you, today's duel is a life and death match, and I won't be showing you any mercy when I fight! Even now that you've broken through to the Combat Soul realm, you're still not my match!"

Although the five Imperial Advisors were here, making it impossible for harm to befall the king, the Black Armors still had a job to do.

Without even looking at the red Sword Qi, the Green Scaled Ape swatted away the flame like Sword Qi and forced it to dissipate into nothingness. Because of how Jian Chen had killed two Class 5 Magical Beasts almost by himself, the Green Scaled Ape was forced to focus on him the most.

As the sword flew forward, no matter if it was a tree that was tall enough to scratch the heavens or just a blade of grass, the sword cleaved it in two and left behind a smooth surface.

On the other side, following the moment where Tu Ran joined the fight against Jiang Chen, Jiang Chen was instantly brought to a disadvantageous position. Wielding the Heavenly Saint Sword in one hand, and moving with the Spatial Shift skill, he repeatedly dashed between Ling Yi and Tu Ran. The situation looked extremely dangerous. However, for those with a pair of discerning eyes, they noticed that even with the combined force of the two men, it was not easy for them to defeat Jiang Chen.

Jian Chen's roar was immediately heard by the three combatants. The two bloodsoaked figures were shocked; they hadn't expected to come across anyone that was familiar with the young lord of the Tianqin clan. The two of them had already used up all of their strength fighting and were immensely relieved to see a new chance at life. The moment they saw Jian Chen run toward them, their happy look froze in place before disappearing from their faces and were instead replaced with looks of utter despair.

"Chief, what young master Jiang said is correct, there's no point for us to rush now. If we strike right now, with Lord Blood Moon in his full form, there is no way we could defeat him."

"Sigh, who would have thought that Jian Chen has already become a Saint Ruler. If he continues with his unbelievable speed, perhaps he'll only need a few centuries to reaching an even higher realm at most, becoming a Saint King. "After the king had left, an Imperial Protector could not help but give off a sigh of surprise again.

Happily, Jian Chen replied, "Do you know how to create such a thing?"

"Dead dog, where can you run?"

The match continued straight away as Tianmu Ling took out her longsword which was blue in nature, meaning she was a water attributed cultivator. She first fought against the man with her own strength, but several exchanges later she decided to bring out her Ruler Armament. The strength of this middle aged man was stronger than her own.

"Brother Nangong, this has nothing to do with you, please stand aside. I, Jiang Chen appreciate your help."

"Yes, that's right, the genius is young master.Isn't this a surprise?"

Jiang Chen asked. He didn't want to stay here for too long. Yan Chenyu and Han Yan were still waiting for him to return, and he would leave this place immediately upon reaching his goal.

"It's really bad. They've brought everyone from the Yan family to Fragrant Sky City and imprisoned them together with the Jiang men. Also, the men leading this mission is the Seventh Emperor and Tenth Emperor, as well as a few dozen Golden Guards. With our strength, it is absolutely impossible for us to save these people, and even if we somehow did manage to save them, we would have nowhere to run."

After that, Great Master Ran Feng, Tyrant and Tan Lang went straight into secluded cultivation, and began absorbing the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pill. After Great Master Ran Feng consumed the pill, he would soon be able to break through to the Great Saint realm. At that point of time, Buddhism would have one more Great Saint. As for Tyrant, he had previously absorbed the sarira, and now, with the absorption of the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pill, his constitution would reach new heights. With that, he would break through to the Sixth Grade Combat King realm, or perhaps even the peak of the Sixth Grade. At that point of time, he would be able to kill Seventh Grade Combat Kings.

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