The Legendary Chronicles of a Reincarnated Prince Chapter 1598

The Legendary Chronicles of a Reincarnated Prince Chapter 1598

Seeing Jian Chen already 50 meters away, the elder's eyes finally released a large amount of killing intent. A mere Saint Master was nothing more than a weak ant in comparison to an Earth Saint Master; a person who he couldn't be bothered to look at in the eye. Seeing that this ant of a person was running away, this was a disgrace.

"That's right, I've heard there were several battles, and some of the Earth Saint Masters already died. Only three of the five experts still remain untouched."

Jiang Chen turned around and looked at Yan Chen Yu and Han Yan who were lying there motionlessly. With an indifferent tone, he said, "Did you know, Little Yu possesses the Nine Yin Meridians. She suffered from extreme cold ever since she was six years old. When I brought her along with me, I promised her father, and myself, that no one would ever hurt her. She is my heart's treasure, the reverse scale of I, Jiang Chen. Han Yan was my first brother, he could stand out and protect Little Yu, even if his life was at risk. No one is allowed to touch my brother either. But you, Guo Shan, I considered you my brother, but, you really disappointed me."

Jian Chen had not left the inn for several days and spent his time cultivating in his room to wait for everyone else to fully recover and finish what was left before embarking on their trip out from the Cloud Capital.

The other child was a 4-5 year old girl with two ponytails. Her bright eyes looked at the still hostile Changyang Ke and laughed. With her two dimples that appeared with each laugh, she looked exceptionally cute. Although she was underaged now, it was certain that after she grew older, she would have beauty that could rival the gods. This child was the second born of Changyang Ba, as well as the sole female childÿChangyang Mingyue.

The next morning, Jian Chen put on the academy uniform and headed straight for the library after eating a meal at the dining hall. The academy was very lax about their classes; if one wanted to attend, then they could attend, if one didn't want to attend, then that was no problem either. After all, most of the nobles and children of rich families had already been tutored since young, so they had knowledge that could rival some of the teachers, but they lacked the experience. Therefore, the classes were pretty much only for the commoners to learn from. It was very rare that a noble would attend a class, and if they did, then it was a minor noble.

Jiang Chen said with a smile. This freezing crystal could provide great benefits for Yan Chen Yu's Nine Yin Meridians.

"Great Saint Master, I want to witness exactly how strong you are."Chapter 137: Battling a Great Saint Master

People could only learn a single cultivation method, but when it came to the power of a clan, it was best to have more than one to choose from. After all, not every cultivation method was suitable for everyone.

Jian Chen didn't leave just yet however. Vanishing his presence, he slowly moved the stone to enlarge the hole to see what was happening outside.

"I don't think Jiang Chen is someone like that.Furthermore, only he is able to save Yu'er.Speak no more, just go and get it!"

Therefore, although Jiang Chen was unwilling to let Wu Cong off the hook, he was forced to do so.

Sunlight started to shine from the east. It was another day with a hot bright sun, and peaceful days had finally returned to Fragrant Sky city. Fire and smoke, however, could still be seen in some places, and the smell of blood lingered in the air, making the atmosphere in Fragrant Sky city more depressing than before.

"Right!" Without delay, Ming Dong turned around to walk out and retrieve both items Jian Chen had asked for from the innkeeper.

"Fat chance! You three, show me what you got, it is still too early to tell who will win this battle!"

Seeing such a spectacle, the elder who was originally watching in amusement instantly grew shocked. "Assist them!" He cried to the ones who had first charged at Jian Chen. The remaining fighters who had been watching with their arms crossed pulled out their Saint Weapons as well and followed the elder to charge at Jian Chen.

"I can't stay any longer, if I don't leave as soon as possible, I feel like I'm going to explode at any moment!

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