The Dark Progenitor Chapter 1142

The Dark Progenitor Chapter 1142

"Brother Jian Chen, I've finally found you."

"This ¨• this is a barrier! You-you're a Saint Ruler!" Ming Dong's eyes grew as wide as copper plates when he cried out in alarm. Even Dugu Feng had let out an uncharacteristically loud shout. The two of them were now staring at Jiede Tai with a new sense of fear and respect.


"Of course, my father is super amazing! Not only does he teach the entire village how to cultivate, but he'll occasionally bring back a super strong magical beast for the village. Because of this, the entire village worships my father." The fatty said proudly.

"100,000 purple coins going twice££."

Shangguan Yiqing burst into laughter. It wasn't hard to imagine how happy he was from the sound of his laughter. For him, today was a great day, and what he had been dreaming about had finally come true! All this time, Xuan Yuzi had been his biggest rival, and they had fought each other countless times for the past ten years. Every time, they just wanted to kill each other, but, they would always end up in a draw. Finally, Shangguan Yiqing's dream came true, he was going to kill Xuan Yuzi now!

Sure enough, upon hearing mention of the Imperial Protector of the Qinhuang Kingdom, the face of the man showed some fear run through it. Then he revealed a cold smile, "Is that so. So your Huang family has found the tree known as the Qinhuang Kingdom to climb. Indeed, with the Qinhuang Kingdom, your Huang family wouldn't fear the threat known as the Hongfu clan." There was fury that could barely be contained within the lord's heart. The young miss Huang Luan possessed an exceptional talent. At the age of twenty she had already reached the realm of an Earth Saint Master. This was something the Huanggu clan had highly favored. They had tried an infinitesimal amount of ways to get her into their clan, but the Huang family had constantly rejected them.

Huang Zheng said. If they continued beating them, then these three would definitely die.

"Jian Chen, I've told you what I need to tell you. I believe you will make smart decisions. Go!" With that, uncle Xiu disappeared without a sound. At the same time, the transparent barrier about the table disappeared.

"Y-you££.you're an Earth Saint master?!" A man cried out in terror. There was a tone of utter disbelief in his voice as he asked to confirm his question.

The Qin Heaven Palace belonged Jian Chen since he was an Imperial Protector. Although he wasn't there, the guards wouldn't slack off. Day and night, multiple guards could be seen stationed there and many more would patrol the area during the daytime.

It seemed like the Dimensional Creatures inside the crack were feeling the Skymend Formation's pressure, and they started becoming even more restless. At his moment, two bright lights shone from the crack, then two 30 meter tall Dimensional Creatures emerged.

"Whoosh!" The second delivery of Jian Chen's sword had been just as fast as the first and followed the elder's movements without leaving him time to even breathe.

Although Tu Yi was a formidable warrior, he hadn't reached the stage where he could defeat every single warrior under the Combat King realm. Compared to Nangong Yunfan, his overall combat strength was much lower. In fact, the Profound River Palace was a place full of mighty warriors, and there were many of them who could easily defeat him. If the Profound River Palace was truly committed to help Nangong Yunzheng, they might even send one of those warriors who could easily defeat Tu Yi.

"The first grade devil soul just now can be exchanged for 10 Heavenly Yuan Pills in the Heavenly Tower. The higher the devil soul's grade, the more Heavenly Yuan Pills you can get. Therefore, once we're inside the Devil Realm later, do your best to find devil souls. Those will all be worth a lot later on."

"Damn, this guy is just too arrogant!"


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