Pokemon- Dragonborn Chapter 677

Pokemon- Dragonborn Chapter 677

Big Yellow's big tail swayed back and forth as he spoke. But honestly, he too didn't expect Wu Jiu to be such an intensive man.Majestic Emperor > Imperial Emperor

Jian Chen nodded his head in agreement as well. This school was extremely different to all the other schools he had once seen. But he cleared out his throat to speak, "Master of the manor to this place, please come on out for a chat."

The third elder took away the black tokens.

"This guy is really strong, and the dog isn't bad either. However, in front of me, you guys won't even have the chance to escape!"

"An assassin!"

When the dozen of them rushed to the grove, they saw that Changyang Hu was still there, practicing his martial arts.

After 2 hours, Jian Chen had already absorbed a lot of the energy within the monster cores, but Jian Chen continued to take monster core after monster core out of his Space Ring and continued to cultivate. He still had plenty of Class 1 Monster cores and a few Class 2 Monster Cores which would last him a couple of days at the very least. Fortunately, his father had also gave him 10 Class 3 Monster Cores and a single Class 4 Monster Core.

"The Island of Ice has reappeared after a hundred years; this is our fortune. This time, I, the Sect Elder will bring you all to the island. As for how many benefits you can get; it all depends on yourself."

"Dad, I need to leave for a period of time."

Jiang Chen was really happy. He never thought it would take such a short amount of time for Big Yellow to level up this time. He had broken through to the Late Divine Core with just one day of sleeping. This showed that the Flaming Stallion's demon soul greatly benefited Big Yellow.

"As long as you're fine, that's good, brother Jian Chen. Hurry up and heal from your wound. Let me deal with this!" Huang Tianba announced before turning his head to look at the fight between Nubis and the poorly-dressed elder. In truth, he was shocked at the sight, and even though he couldn't exactly tell who the two were, their might was unquestionable. However, what really shocked Huang Tianba was the fact that Jian Chen had been able to find such help.

The man clenched the longsword in his hand tightly. Complicated patterns could be seen on the sword's body. The sword was emitting violent energies that tore apart the surrounding space and caused cracks to appear in the dimensions. Shivering dark wind blew out from these cracks.


A coughing sound could be heard from the figure that Xiao Tian had downed. Struggling to get back up to his feet, the individual gave a frightened look to Xiao Tian.

The man in black sneered, then he turned into black smoke and chased after them.


Jiang Chen said with a laugh. In the Jiang family, Zhou Beichen was one of the men he respected, because this was a man who had always been loyal to Jiang Zhenhai.

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