Unsealing the Gate Chapter 246

Unsealing the Gate Chapter 246

Di Chen glanced at Di Qing: "What exactly do you want?"?

The next few items were mostly weapons or equipments, and those that were useful were bidded off at high prices. However, nothing compared to the Single-Horned Silver Wolf. Qing Shui did not have many requirements for weapons. Moreover, those did not seem to be divine weapons.

"Also, if necessary, knock YueYue out cold. Do anything necessary for you all to escapeˇ­"

Looking at the thunderstruck expression of Situ Bu Fan, Qing Shui waved his hands towards him and beamed. Littered around the ground were the unconscious bodies of all his friends.


At this moment, Qing Shui did another somersault and landed back on the ground, smiling shyly as he stared at the girl in red. At close range he noticed that she was pretty tall, furthermore, her pair of snow-white legs were slender and long, Qing Shui secretly took note of it. Bobbing his head, Qing Shui asked "You are from Hundred Miles City?"

Qing Shui wrote on another tablet stating that just for today, since today was the first day he opened this business, all consultation would be free, regardless of any types of illnesses.

Atop each altar was a wrinkled old man in a black robe, all of whom were chanting scriptures that caused the rifts overhead to widen.

Canghai took off a bangle from his hand which had a black gemstone the same as what Mistress Canghai had given Huoyun Liu-Li, and passed it to Qing Shui. "You'll probably not take a fancy to anything else, so you can have this!"

It was like a frigid lake, orˇ­ a frigid domain! Furthermore, within that domainˇ­ appeared nine projections of Bai Xiaochun!

"Big brother, your girlfriend is so pretty! Buy a flower for her!" A childish voice sounded.

However, by the time the Dark Concocters devolved into a maelstrom of anger, Bai Xiaochun had already taken steps to prevent them from finding him. Having learned from his initial mistake of staying in one place, he was now moving from place to place via teleportation. On the one hand, he was truly shocked by how quickly the imps had recovered, but on the other hand, wasn't willing to just give up.

"Residence of the Sky Tyrant Lord? Central Continent?" Qing Shui felt his scalp go numb, did he really have to step into the other continents so early?

That method was useful for solving the problem of spiritual energy leakage, but did nothing to alleviate the danger. Whether it was because of the souls flying about, or the bizarre entities which inhabited these lands, they had to proceed with extreme caution.

As the saying goes, ˇ®behind a successful man, there is a great woman'. This woman had been a great influence on his present success and had even played a decisive role at times.

Huoyun Liu-Li returned once in between, but left after seeing the serious look on both of their faces as she did not want to bother them. Yet she did not know why her heart felt a little heavy.

Qing Shui looked at Wu-Shuang and smiled as he looked at her beautiful and unparalleled makeup-free face. He stared at her wonderful back view, and that extremely charming presence. But Qing Shui would always recall the scene when she was taking a bath. Her figure with her tempting butt perked up could cause one's imagination to run wild.

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