Sexual Torture Game/System Chapter 1497

Sexual Torture Game/System Chapter 1497

"F*ck, kid. The beauty and us two are talking, since when was it your turn to interfere? Death won't come easy for you." The second brother glared at Jian Chen dangerously. While Jian Chen had a decent friendship with the young lord Qin Xiao who was within the same clan as Tian Zhou, they were the brothers of Tian Zhou and knew that Jian Chen was not a person he liked.

Jiang Chen responded with a smile. Then, he casually pulled over a rattan chair and sat down with a look of enjoyment on his face.

The fifth elder nodded happily, "Yang Yutian, you're now a core member of the union. This communication jade will now be the symbol of your status and with it, you can now enter the Radiant Saint Tower to practise Radiant Artes. By the way, the method of using it is recorded within the pendant. All you need is to send a your thoughts into it and you'll know. Alright, I need to go rest for a while, you should go. The Radiant Saint Tower is at the very top of the castle. You shouldn't have any problems getting there with the pendant."

Seeing such a familiar piece of iron rod, Jian Chen's heart skipped a beat. Immediately opening up the nearby steel boxes, he discovered that they had also contained various mysteriously shaped objects with cotton packaging.

"Elder Xiu, you misunderstand. That was not my thought at all. This is my very first time farming with a hoe before, so it is a new sensation." Jian Chen tried to explain.

Jiang Chen who stood aside suddenly had an idea, "Synthetic pills!"

Once again, everyone in the audience became agitated. As warriors themselves, they all clearly knew the value of a movement skill. It was much more precious than combat skills of the same level. A powerful movement skill could increase any warrior's overall combat strength by a lot. When a warrior had great speed, not only would it help him in combat, it would also provide him a great advantage when running away from a fight.

On the other side, the fight between Jiang Chen and the Old Emperor had reached its climax. Jiang Chen was attack as if he had gone berserk. Although only a short amount of time had passed, another 1,500 Dragon Marks had formed in Jiang Chen's body. Including the previous 10,000 Dragon Marks, he now had a total of 11,500 Dragon Marks. As long as he reached 15,000 Dragon Marks, Jiang Chen would be able to break through to the Late Combat Soul realm.

Chang Wuji and Khafir both sighed before giving each other a knowing look. Both of them had a resolved face as they both floated into the sky toward the five Heaven Saint Masters. They would both rather die in battle than be resigned to their fates as slaves.

Fan Zhong Tang said with an indifferent tone.

Just as the magical beast started to shake, Jian Chen saw his chance. In a flash of lightning, he stabbed at the throat of the magical beast and pierced straight through it.

Early in the morning, outside of the Black Sect, a large group of people had gathered at the scene, and were divided into two sides. On one side were four humans and a dog, while the other side had the strongest warriors of the Eastern Continent.


Lee Shan Yue kept promising them.

The man felt he was really lucky; this was free money dropping down from the sky!

Descending to the area around Kargath Academy, the two of them began to walk in. As soon as they were about to walk past the gates, the guard at the gates immediately blocked their path.

On the other side, the Flame Mercenaries began to fight with the other members of the Zhou Mercenaries, embroiling the place into the flames of war. Although the Flame Mercenaries didn't scatter apart, they gathered around in a circle and had the three Saints like Xiao Dao protected within. In this type of battle, the Saints like Xiao Dao would have no chance to battle, and would only die a vain death if they tried. The 5 Great Saints and the Primary Saint Master Kendall formed the outside circle, and were prepared to fight any of the Zhou Mercenaries to the death.

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