The Great Storyteller Chapter 2223

The Great Storyteller Chapter 2223

Soon, violent storms covered all paths to the Blissful Island; all the return paths were shut. The ocean was rocking even more violently now, and countless dragon like waterspouts could be seen absolutely everywhere. These waterspouts were extremely powerful! In just an instant, many pitiful ocean creatures were pulled out from the bottom of the ocean, and all of them were instantly killed by the waterspouts. It was a frightening scene.

Jamie immediately extended his hand to stop Gaethyr. He looked at him, unsure of how to react, "Gaethyr, you really are befuddled. You haven't even asked us who is taking the test and just personally decided that it was Lin Bai or me who had reached Class 6."

When the patriarch sensed the amount of energy gathering in Jian Chen's palm, he grew serious as well. As a Saint Ruler, he was able to sense that the energy in Jian Chan's hand was far stronger than his own Saint Force. This realization was extremely troubling and he was left no time to hesitate. With both arms moving into action, his palms moved in front of his chest to accumulate an extremely mystical power that attracted the profound mysteries of the world. As his hands moved, the space surrounding him started to flow like water. It was like some sort of mysterious power was accelerating the flow of time.

Judging from the news given to Jian Chen from the second miss of the Tianqin clan, the Heavenly Enchantress was a legendary figure on the Tian Yuan Continent. She was capable of causing a nation to fall with her beauty that was deemed extremely unique. Her ability with the zither was peerless and possessed the Zither of the Demonic Cry that could bring any other expert of the zither to shame with her songs. Even her opponents would be entranced by the melodic songs and would have their souls erased before their bodies would follow suit.

"You'd best be careful and not damage any of the items in here." The elder spoke with a calm expression, but there was an unmistakable amount of power radiating from him.

After this announcement, three other members from the Sect of Dragon and Tiger used their own Heaven Tier Battle Skills. Although the effect of their battle skills didn't achieve the same level of effect as the three generals, there was an advantage in numbers which brought the overall power to a tie.

Jiang Chen gazed at the frustrated Big Yellow, but he didn't bother responding. He slowly put away the long sword. It was a low-ranked combat weapon, and while it wasn't much to Jiang Chen, it could still have its uses.

The three Heaven Saint Masters could feel just how powerful Jian Chen's strike was from the surrounding space. It was like an icy block that froze the three of them in place. Moving even a single finger became difficult.

Right now, the door to Guo Lei's courtyard was shut. It looked like he wasn't inside the house. But, it was around noon, therefore, it was perfectly normal that he wasn't there.

"A Ruler Armament!" Jian Chen's heart skipped a beat as he stared hard at the long sword in Jin Tian's hand. This Ruler Armament was considerably larger than his old Light Wind Sword, but it was still similar for all intents and purposes. Since it was a Ruler Armament, it'd be able to take in Chaotic Force without breaking.

"Lord Jiu is such a trustworthy man, I like him!"

Looking for an inn to rest up in for the night, Jian Chen holed himself up for the night while Hu Xiaotian and the other two groups returned to their own rooms.

Another hour later, a loud roar sounded out from within the cave. After that, three lively Flood Dragons suddenly rushed out from the cave. Each Flood Dragon was 3 meters long and tall, and their appearance was extremely terrifying. The Flood Dragons flew around the entire valley once, then they disappeared; stunning both Han Yan and Big Yellow.Chapter 279 ├┐ Not a Good Man

"Big Bro Jiang Chen, look at this."

Jiang Chen asked with a smile. He kept looking at the bright dot representing the Divine Continent, unable to move his eyes away from it.

"Look, the men from the Martial Palace are here as well!"

He looked at the armored pair of men with a suspicious look. Although he realized one of them was the man he saw not too long ago, the commander of Wake City's defensive troops, Duo Li.

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