Rogue Nights Chapter 1701

Rogue Nights Chapter 1701

This was what a famous person needed to face in Red city. Lee Shan Yue was someone famous, and his actions represented the Lee family.

Zhang Han asked.

"A hundred years ago, also on the ocean, an Island of Ice suddenly appeared and raised a great commotion. Many warriors from the Eastern Continent entered the island, and according to the legend, those who entered the island, as long as their luck wasn't too bad, most of them obtain great benefits. The current emperor of the Martial Saint Dynasty is one of the men who entered the Island of Ice a hundred years ago. He was only in his youth at that time, but when he came back from the island, his cultivation surged, and he is no an incredible Combat King warrior."

Soon, the group arrived at the nearest stronghold. It was a stronghold which looked similar to Jiang Chen's stronghold.

"Why are these people suddenly leaving?"

At the same time, a single machete appeared within the third elder's hand. With an explosive bang, the air around the machete began to distort from the energy being gathered within it. Then, with a grunt, the third elder brought the machete smashing down upon Jian Chen's Light Wind Sword.

Huo Yuner roared out in fury. Flames danced around him, and his eyes had turned red. Jiang Chen's words had seriously injured his self-esteem, the self-esteem of a genius which couldn't be stepped on. Therefore, even if he would die fighting Jiang Chen, he wanted to do it.

A pair of wings appeared on Big Yellow's back. He continued flying with incredible speed, and charged right into the group of enemies. He opened his mouth widely, then he simply bit toward the head of the Late Combat Soul warrior who was still puking.

Jiang Zhen Hai said worriedly as he furrowed his brows.


Great Master Ran Feng sighed. He wasn't angry that Jiang Chen had eavesdropped on their conversation. Truthfully, he would only become happy upon seeing Jiang Chen do amazing things.

Jian Chen gave a mental sigh as he wiped away any emotion on his face. "Aunty, a few years ago, uncle Kendall came across a very profitable mission and had to go to a far away kingdom. It's already been two years, so I'm sure he'll be home soon." Jian Chen didn't wish to worry the mother and quickly came up with an excuse. Although he knew that sooner or later the truth would come out, if he could delay it for now, then the two would come to terms that something had happened to him by themselves. They would at least be prepared, and when the time came for Jian Chen to tell them, they would not be as hurt.

After a small discussion between Jian Chen and Zhan Tian, the two quickly got to the crux of the problem.

From the ten Heaven Saint Masters from the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom, in the end, only six of them had been able to escape.Chapter 475: The Return of a King

The duo consisting of Jiang Chen and Big Yellow had become very famous, especially the majestic Big Yellow, who was considered the unique icon of the group. As for Han Yan and Nangong Wentian, both of them were Jiang Chen's friends as well. Many people had seen the two entering together with Big Yellow.

Shangguan Chong let out a horrifying cry.

Rogue Nights Chapter 1701 End!

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