Reincarnating Into A Fantasy World as an Autonomous Machine Arsenal Chapter 2441

Reincarnating Into A Fantasy World as an Autonomous Machine Arsenal Chapter 2441

"The Qi Province competition is only held once a year. Of course it will attract many people."

"Honored Imperial Protector, why not bring Imperial Advisor Xiao Tian back to the city, we'll have the strongest Radiant Saint Masters treat his wounds." Khafir spoke.

"Wentian, do you mean that Jiang Chen really can defeat Wu Ningzhu? From what I know, Jiang Chen used the Heavenly Tribulation to kill those three great guardians, and he never showed his own abilities. Wu Ningzhu is not someone who can be easily defeated."

Nangong Wenyang said.

Four hours later, Jian Chen opened his eyes and crawled up in a sitting position with some effort as his arms leaned against the cold cliff walls.

Jiang Zhen Hai asked.

"Fuck you, I wasted so much of my time following you, but I didn't expect you would be so heartless!"

"You bastard! I'll put an end to your pathetic life right now!"

"Yes, senior envoy!" Katata's words were like the commands from a superior officer to his subordinate so Yun Li couldn't disobey. Without hesitation, Yun Li immediately ordered the four Middle Tier cannons to aim at the Class 4 Magical Beasts and fire.

Shushing everyone with a hand, Jian Chen said in a strong voice, "There is no need for concern; my injuries aren't serious. They are only scratches, but I've important news to tell everyone. From today on, no one will try to take our tungsten alloy now. So please rest assured."

"Chen Gege, what should we do now? If the Skymend Formation is broken, even stronger Dimensional Creatures will come out. Although we have the Ice Demon King, we have no idea how many Dimensional Creatures there are. We must do something!"

Jian Chen's expression grew more and more dangerous as he descended down to the ground near the ruins.

The one-armed man stared fearfully at Jian Chen and then the two middle-aged men Yun Zheng and Senior An. Realizing the strength of the opposition, the fear he had in his heart for these men had instantly skyrocketed. However, for the sake of a safe return, he didn't have a choice. Since he poisoned the men of the Flame Mercenaries, he knew there was no way that Jian Chen would let them go now.

After saying that, Jiang Chen turned around and walked into the mountain.Chapter 46 Ă¿ Killing a Black Striped Rhino with Two Punches

"Three hundred purple coins going thrice." Yulian's hammer slammed against the table, "And now I declare that the second Class 5 Monster Core has been bought by the Spirithawk Mercenaries in booth fifteen for a total of three hundred fifty thousand purple coins."

In fact, this was the reason why Jiang Chen chose to run away. This was his main goal. Big Yellow had the bloodline of a Dragon. It could make his Dragon Transformation skill transform from the roots. Such a great opportunity, how could he miss it?

A scornful smile appeared on the Imperial Emperor's face.

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