Peerless Martial God Chapter 1753

Peerless Martial God Chapter 1753

"No," Ming Dong shook his head, "I originally discovered an injured Class 4 Magical Beast that was already on the verge of death. After a huge amount of effort on my part, I was able to kill and extract the monster core, but a group of mercenaries found and robbed me. If it was just a single mercenary I wouldn't be afraid, but it was a large group of them. Combined with my wounds, it was enough for them to take my Space Belt. In a final effort, I ran away with all my strength, otherwise, I would not have lived."


This head sealed the road for all the Saints in Saint Origin. Every single Saint who had reached the absolute peak had a primes desire to enter the Realm of Immortals, and Jiang Chen was the one with the most desire. That's why he had swung his sword towards the heavens and split open the door leading to the Realm of Immortals. But too bad, he was unable to enter it afterwards.

Elder Liu responded with a somber voice. Originally, the Freezing Hell Jail was an intact space, and there were countless customized portals that led into it, and these portals were only connected to the Asura Palace. If those criminals escaped from one of these portals, they would easily be recaptured. However, because the Freezing Hell Jail was nearly destroyed, it wouldn't be easy to find and recapture those escaped criminals.

Although this poor big yellow dog had the ability to find treasures, no high grade treasures existed in this place. The only high grade treasure they found was given to Yan Chen Yu.

The huge clash rang out and was heard by everyone. They all had shocked expressions. Jiang Chen's fist had clashed with the huge Heavenly Yellow Finger, producing a loud rumbling noise. But unfortunately, the scene that everyone had predicted didn't happen.

Words emerged through the trio's clenched teeth after they left. It was a depressing day for them, they never thought they would suffer like this before. Furthermore, it was because of Zhang Yang.

Big Yellow obediently stayed near Jiang Chen's chest while speaking with a prideful tone.

Within the center of the cave, three men were sitting idly while staring at the paintings with a stiffness similar to that of a statue. Not a single hair could be seen moving, and within the three of them, Jian Chen recognized the Thirteenth Elder.

The group continued to walk into the outskirts of the mountain range, but after walking for 4 hours, they had not seen a single Magical Beast.

The elder's voice was relatively calm, but the meaning behind his words carried some ill intent. Jian Chen coldly laughed as he replied, "Elder, I apologize, but I will keep these two Class 5 Monster Core. They aren't for sale!" Jian Chen emphasized the last sentence extremely strongly with hesitation, leaving no room for further discussion.

However, each one of the Flame Mercenaries were throwing away their lives in order to hinder the Golden Fur Tiger King just so Jian Chen could gain some time to escape. This was something that hurt Jian Chen far more than what the Tiger had done to him.

Quickly, Jian Chen walked out to greet Qin Ji and personally led him in. Touched by this gesture, Qin Ji followed Jian Chen in with some joy.

"I've looked at the records of the past magical beast waves and I'm afraid that this wave is definitely the most serious one. The amount of Class 4 Magical Beasts has never gone over fifty, but there are well over several hundred of them. Goddamnit, could all of the Class 4 Magical Beasts from the Magical Beast Mountain Range have come running over?" Yun Li wiped at his eyebrows to clear away the sweat.

Despite the wounds on the princess being quite heavy, she was still awake and capable of clear thought. Her limpid eyes had a strange luster to them as she stared nervously at Jian Chen. Her pale face had a slightly red hue that revealed her shyness. In her heart, despite the troubling moment, she couldn't help but have a nervous delight from such a situation.

Jiang Chen and Han Yan nodded their heads again. They didn't doubt Xiao Wei's words, it was expected that the Blissful Manor had a lot of good treasures. It wouldn't make any sense if Master Blissful didn't have something good himself, and still wanted to hold the trade fair.

Jiang Chen said.

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