In a Different World with a Smartphone Chapter 2614

In a Different World with a Smartphone Chapter 2614

The doors opened as a black robed man slowly walked in; it was precisely Bi Dao.

"Buddy, do you think that the young City Lord will come back?"

Jiang Chen's words stunned Wang Yuan. He never expected this. Not only did this lunatic not show any fear when facing him, he actually suggested a death match. This was a typical example of someone who had no clue what death or danger was.

The Ice Demon King instantly kneeled down and started making some sounds. Although Jiang Chen and Big Yellow had no idea what it was trying to say, they could clearly feel the excitement contained within its voice. The 30 meter tall Ice Demon King was trembling violently as it repeatedly kowtowed toward the ice statue.

The lord of the city came scrambling out from his mansion to stare out into the skies at the two Heaven Saint Masters. "Two Heaven Saint Masters? His Majesty has sent two over them over? Great! This is fantastic! The Flame Mercenaries are definitely ruined now!"

"Cough££ nothing. Don't you think that the Divine Continent's natural Yuan energy is very dense?"

"They are from the Green Sanctuary Sect?"

"Don't worry. When the Martial Saint Dynasty decided to become Little Chen's enemy, they were already destined to face a miserable ending."

"I'll spare you a quick death."

When the other Black Armors recognized who these experts were, they immediately bowed their heads in greeting as well.

"He can even concoct a complicated pill like the Nine Soul Restoration Pill?"

Although Jiang Chen had killed Lord Blood Moon, Yu Zi Han knew why he was able to do so. If it wasn't for Lord Blood Moon being in the middle of a blood sacrifice ceremony, Jiang Chen would completely not be Lord Blood Moon's match.

Quickly, night came as Jian Chen lay in that bed for over four hours without moving at all. Until the next morning, Jian Chen could only close his eyes and try his best to recover his spirit.

"Out of the way!" A single roar could be heard from behind as Dugu Feng smashed the stone fragment, with his giant flame sword, into powder.

By this point, the remaining Heaven Saint Masters had already shot down with their Sword Qi aimed at Jian Chen.

Behind them, Liu Hong and the other two old men had also come to the border, but they stopped.

Jiang Chen asked.

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