Dao Fang Chapter 1535

Dao Fang Chapter 1535

During Qi Condensation, cultivators absorbed the energy of heaven and earth and then transformed it into rivers and lakes. During Foundation Establishment, those rivers and lakes became spiritual seas, giving the cultivators such strength that Qi Condensation couldn't even compare to it!

Bai Xiaochun was very pleased to be such a center of attention. He would often leave the shop and stroll about with his hands clasped behind his back, enjoying all the people looking at him. However, after a few days of such showing off, he got bored and went back to continue working on seventeen-colored flame.

As Qing Shui walked down the large street in the Hundred Miles City, he gained the attention from people of different genders and ages. Most of them gazed at Qing Shui with envy in their eyes, and nearly none were filled with jealousy because they were incapable of it anymore.

When Bai Xiaochun realized what was happening, he quickly ceased any work with the technique and surreptitiously made his exit. The Foundation Establishment cultivators searched the whole area, but couldn't find anything amiss. Then they sensed the blood qi in the area slowly being restored, and they dispersed, suspicious as ever.

Although Bai Xiaochun hadn't seen her in a long time, he was the first one in Arch-Emperor City to sense her cultivation base breakthrough. He had been in the middle of listening to the Grand Heavenmaster provide an intelligence report, when suddenly he felt powerful fluctuations coming from his daughter's secluded meditation facilities. Worried about any potential problems, he didn't even provide an explanation to the Grand Heavenmaster before vanishing from the palace hall.

Bai Xiaochun couldn't help but muse that the clothing here was far, far better looking than anything from back in the sect. Eyes shining, he walked into the shop.

What is her level of cultivation?

Qing Shui wasn't hurried about performing the acupuncture. He was instead feeling her pulse from time to time or pressing on the acupoints on her body, arms and shoulders with his hands.

Bai Xiaochun took a deep breath, and his eyes filled with excitement. He suddenly was filled with the sensation that the sect truly had treated him well. The sect leader's Master would most definitely be ranked as a prime elder in the sect, which caused Bai Xiaochun's eyes to radiate with excitement.

Not a single person was present, making it seem like the type of place few people would be willing to come to.

As he walked along, Bai Xiaochun rejoiced that it was only Liu Ergou who had seen his slight mishap. If it had happened when he was flying around by the 10,000 Medicines Pavilion, his name would have been ruined forever....

After a few more days passed, no more stories popped up about people being punished, and Bai Xiaochun started to relax.

Canghai Mingyue's reply made Qing Shui overjoyed. He knew that the Big Dipper Sword was definitely a good item. Moreover, Qing Shui felt that the seven stars on the Big Dipper Sword were like seven gemstones. Could it be that there was some hidden secret to itĄ­?

Phoenix-like eyes radiating rage, she looked at him and coldly said, "I'm not flipping out! We're engaged, remember!? My father arranged it. Maybe you can just up and leave, but what do I do then?! And what does my father do?! Look at you! I didn't even say a single word to you, and you upped and ran? Are you even a man, Bai Xiaochun?!"

That was why, despite how Bai Hao had attacked his clan and destroyed their shield, he had waited patiently inside of the heavenly marquis pagoda.

"Gua gua!"

Gritting his teeth, he decided not to use the wooden sword in defense, and instead allowed the arrow to close in and stab into his abdomen. At the same time, the arrow he had thrown rocketed forward and pierced into the man's chest. Blood sprayed everywhere as the man screamed, his eyes shining with surprise as the force of the blow shoved him backward even faster.

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